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An apple a day keeps the devil away!

Someone must really want to sell some apples!

I am guessing that over the years, all of “the apple a day” sayings were created by the marketing department of some giant orchard or fruit packing company. Usually when there is a slicko marketing slogan, there is a buck to be made not far away.

My rendition of the “apple a day” saying is really a subtle way of getting folks to read the Bible every day, not eat a Golden Delicious. Parents who spend time regularly gathered with their child for spiritual nourishment are seeing many great and positive results. Here are a few:

  • Statistically speaking, families that share 3 meals together each week with their kids have better grades and lower school drop out rates.
  • Spiritual nourishment (like reading the Proverbs together) lays a healthy ground work for the inevitable discussions on friendship, conflict management, career choices and sex.
  • Regular family Bible reading reinforces multitudes of important values that are taught in churches,  schools and by parents.

You may not munch on apples or any healthy snacks very often, but I can assure you, daily time in the Bible with your kids is one of the healthiest habits you can form.

Mike Holmes

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