Sinclair Baptist Church

Formerly Discouraged People

Life can get pretty gloomy and dark sometimes. Discouraging day after discouraging day can lead to a full blown case of depression. One of the more helpful thing to help a person step up and out of the blues is knowing that have a purpose they are called to do. The great Designer of Life has a specific plan and duty for each person. Oftentimes, when we get ahold of the fact that there are others we need to help and influence, we can move on from the despair. Sinclair Baptist is a church that places a high value on proclaiming the purposes of God, discovering those individual plans and them implementing a service project to help folks get fulfillment with their life. Make plans to visit the church this weekend and make friends a few of the formerly discouraged.

Mike Holmes

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Contact Info:

Physical Address:  400 Lincoln Ave. Sinclair, WY

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 4 Sinclair , WY 82334

Church Phone:  307-324-2408


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