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How I got lost (and found) in the canned corn aisle

Finding things in a grocery store has always been a challenge for me. I tend to look for the item by zigzagging all over. I rarely ask for directions since I am a guy. However, I was recently given a very good tip. There are signs up in the air that kinda sorta tell you the category you might be looking for. But… they only work if you know the category.  Sometimes life is so complex!

But yesterday things were different!  My wife had given me a list. Fortunately for me, there was only one thing on it.  I was hoping I could get in and out in less than the normal 20 minutes of zigging and zagging. Eventually, I did mange to find the butter, but only with help from a teenager in my church who happened to be there. I’d still be wandering around if it were not for her.

A lot of life is like my grocery store experiences. Wandering, looking, zigzagging and hopefully being successful. Trial and error, lotsa wrong turns, plenty of backtracking down the same aisle and sometimes it works out.  Sometimes.

Just like the teen girl that helped me find the butter, the folks at our church can help you find some answers. Life can be a challenge. Finding what your looking for can be elusive. But….Sinclair Baptist is here to help you keep your zig and zag to a minimum.

Mike Holmes

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